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Star Wars: Comics Companion (Star Wars (Dark Horse))

Star Wars Comics Companion - Ryder Windham, Daniel  Wallace This book, basically, covers all of the Star Wars comics up to those published shortly after the release of Episode 3 (thus comics directly relating to the results of Order 66, and comics in the early portions of the Dark Times era are omitted) - not due to deliberate omission, but because of the publication date.

This book is, basically, the most complete collection of all the Star Wars graphic novels published up until Episode 3's release, covering everything up to (in the Star Wars timeline) the Legacy era, and the expanded KotOR era. Basically, if you want to get into the older Star Wars comics, this is really where you want to go - it's the best place to start you collection, or your readings in general. It's not entirely comprehensive, and as in the case with many of these collections, the addition of recently published comics makes it obsolete, but it's still an excellent book to have in your collection.